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Oppo PM-3 Closed-Back Planar Magnetic Headphones review

Superb sounds for your smartphone

  • £349
  • $399

Our Verdict

If you want solid sound quality from your smartphone, these will serve you well.


  • Little sound leakage. Excellent sound from mobile devices.


  • None.

Oppo's PM-3s offer the fairly unusual combination of planar magnetic drivers housed in closed-back headphones and optimised for use with mobile devices.

Sonically they perform admirably, offering plenty of detail throughout the frequency spectrum.

They're surprisingly 'honest' too - not overly flattering certain frequencies and letting the quality of the music speak for itself, which makes them a solid choice for casual music making duties.

They suit day-to-day use too though, pumping out plenty of volume even when connected to a smartphone, with the closed backs limiting leakage. Combined with their classy look and comfortable design, this adds up to an impressive set of 'all-rounder' headphones.