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MXL Trio review

  • $99
The MXL Trio is easy to use and has a reassuringly pro feel.

Our Verdict

If you're looking for a quick and easy microphone for podcasts, web-chats and demos the Trio is certainly worth considering.


  • Easy operation and quality feel.


  • Headphone signal issues.

The Trio USB condenser microphone is the latest to the huge range of microphones from MXL and comes supplied with a handy tripod.

This gives the unit a compelling professional feel and it's easy to set up; just plug the mic into the nearest USB 2.0 socket, choose it as the input source on your computer and you're ready for work.

The Trio includes a headphone socket on the rear, but in our tests with several headphones we couldn't achieve a signal level that was truly useful. Results were reasonable for spoken voice and acoustic guitar and certainly much better than the built-in mic on a MacBook Pro.