M-Audio AV42 Monitors review

The AV40's successor arrives...

  • £99
  • €139
  • $149

MusicRadar Verdict

A welcome successor to the AV40, and one that performs admirably.


  • +

    Clean design. Solid performance.


  • -

    Won't give you top-end performance.

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The AV42 from M-Audio is the updated monitor that succeeds the popular AV40. Specs-wise, much looks the same.

The AV42s still feature a 4-inch driver, 1-inch tweeter and 20 Watts output. However, the grilles have been ditched for a cleaner design, with the main difference being the new 'OptImage IV tweeter wave guide'.

Running them alongside the Mackie CR3s, the AV42s have a slightly more detailed low-end courtesy of the larger driver. They are not as powerful as the Mackies on paper, but you won't notice the difference unless you are cranking up the volume to uncomfortable levels.

We wouldn't suggest these monitors for critical mixing responsibilities, however the AV42s perform admirably in the small-factor monitoring stakes, proving once again that the 'multimedia' label shouldn't put you off.

Simon Arblaster
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