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HoRNet Wah-Wah review

Pocket-money wah

  • €6

Our Verdict

A cracking plugin for guitarists and producers at with pocket money price tag.


  • Cheap. Great sound.


  • Some volume niggles.

Aimed primarily at guitarists but of relevance to any producer with a fiver to spare, HoRNet's cheap-as-chips new plugin models anunspecified vintage wah-wah pedal.

It's essentially a band-pass filter, with variable Q and gain following the filter frequency, which is set using the big slider on the left. Although it does animate as the slider is moved, we were a little disappointed to find that you can't run the mouse pointer up and down the pedal itself. First world problems, eh?

Modulation of the filter frequency around the slider position is provided by an envelope follower with adjustable Attack, Release and Depth, and an optional Analog saturation mode is onboard, although we couldn't really hear it making any difference to the sound.

With its modelled transistor amp and smooth, funky envelope modulation, Wah-Wah sounds fabulously retro, adding bite and edge to any source - not just guitar. The substantial volume boost that occurs just by inserting it is annoying, but that aside, it's well worth the meagre asking price.