Heavyocity Gravity review

A hugely extensive cinematic soundbank in an action-packed interface

  • £339
  • $449
Gravity offers a great library in a fine interface.

MusicRadar Verdict

Big, brash and boldly contemporary, Gravity has Heavyocity pushing the envelope of Kontakt scripting and sampling again, and is without doubt one of their best yet.


  • +

    Huge soundbank, with an enormous variety of sonic possibility for cinematic score composers.


  • -

    Interface can be confusing.

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A 9GB "scoring tools" library (ie, built on 'sound design' type material for cinematic projects), Gravity houses a hugely extensive soundbank and preset/snapshot list in an action-packed (if a tad overdesigned) scripted interface.

This includes the usual Heavyocity toys - Twist and Punish, Trigger FX, EQ/Filter section - plus the new Motion step sequencer for modulation of volume, pan and pitch.

The library consists of four sections - Hits, Pads, Risers and Stings - each further subdivided into individual instrument folders and Menu patches. With each sound type differing significantly in the engine it uses, the specifics of the interface vary quite a bit, which keeps things interesting but can get a little confusing.

Worthy of particular note is the Designer page, in which you can construct layered risers and hits by mixing up Subs, Impacts, Tails and Whooshes.

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