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Cycling74 Cycles: Momentary Incursions review

After some random esoteric samples? This could be for you

  • £99
The box is just as esoteric as the sounds.

MusicRadar Verdict

If your creations are missing a bit of ambient oddness, then this could add something different too the mix.


  • +

    A well put-together collection of random sounds.


  • -

    Not likely to be much use on your next three-chord punk song, but you never know.

Based on a theme of 'incidental deconstruction', Momentary Incursions' content is grouped by dramatic function rather than types of sound.

You get events, effects, hits, transitions and waves. Samples come as 24-bit 44.1/48kHz WAV and REX files in 5.1 surround formats, and cover the more random side of ambient noise.

The included clinks, clunks, bongs and tinkles are layered with synth pad stabs and acres of reverb. Samples range from the melodic to the mechanical.

This is pretty esoteric, but it's also a fine collection of random sounds.

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