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Bunker 8 Deep Dub Rising review

Can Bunker 8 capture the elusive 'good' Dub pack?

  • £55
The cover art belies the complete lack of polish within.

Our Verdict

A poor attempt from a usually solid sample producer. Avoid.


  • You don't have to buy it.


  • Poor choice of samples and instruments. Nasty, clipped sounds.

Dub libraries can be tricky things to get right, and unfortunately, Deep Dub Rising - from the usually excellent Bunker 8 - doesn't get it right at all.

DDR fails to capture the authentic dub sound in the same way that sitting in a shopping trolley fails to capture the excitement of professional Formula One racing.

Many of the sounds are poorly recorded or clipped and the whole vibe is way off - what's with the 'rock' guitars? Whatever this is, it isn't dub, and it's not particularly good, either.

The perfect present for anyone who hates dub, music production in general, and themselves.