Buffalo MiniStation Turbo 500GB review

The world's first portable 500GB hard drive comes at a price

  • £100

MusicRadar Verdict

This is a fantastic product - possibly the best portable hard drive on the market. However, the price will be enough to put off all but the most needy of computer-users


  • +

    Loads of capacity. Lightning fast speeds. Pocket-sized


  • -

    It's expensive

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Thirteen years ago, new PCs came with bulky, heavy 500MB hard drives inside. They were state of the art, and you could install the likes of Doom II and Duke Nukem 3D many times over.

In 2008, things have moved on substantially. And we are now faced with a portable, external 2.5-inch hard drive from Buffalo, which has a capacity of half a terabyte. That's 500GB, 1000 times more than the internal drives of 13 years past.

The £207 Buffalo HD-PS500U2 is actually the first 500GB portable hard drive on the market, making it somewhat of a desirable storage gizmo for those people who like to take their data wherever they go.

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