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AudioWarrior Acoustic Dreadnought Strummer review

Bringing a big acoustic sound to Reason

  • $99
A quality acoustic guitar was sampled, making the patches sound very convincing.

Our Verdict

As good a guitar sound as you'll hear on a sample - highly recommended.


  • Incredibly authentic-sounding. Separately sampled notes in each chord.


  • Still not as good as the real thing.

This is designed to provide the Reason user with a full-bodied acoustic guitar sound - and it succeeds.

By taking a premium quality guitar and sampling every note of every chord, AudioWarrior have created one of the best sample-based guitars we've heard.

Because the chords are sampled note-by-note, truly realistic strumming is possible. This 600MB ReFill uses 24-bit samples and includes most chord voicings, mutes, harmonics, hammer-ons, slaps and thumps.

Combinator patches enable you to map chords across the keyboard and also easily apply effects. Excellent.