Akai Dark Parallax review

Akai unleashes its latest expansion pack

  • $59.99

MusicRadar Verdict

An excellent package full of sublime sounds.


  • +

    Super sounds.


  • -

    Very few.

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Grammy-nominated sound designer and producer Snipe Young delivers the largest of the new expansion packs, as part of the new Producer Series.

The quality is high throughout and you can tell this is a producer who knows how to pick and treat sounds; they sound good individually and together too.

Everything sounds crisp, warm and punchy and the sounds are tapey yet high-quality with some driven slightly for pleasant saturation and then polished with warm reverb.

There's an emphasis on processed acoustic drum sounds (with some killer kicks and funky snares) mixed with soft and low-filtered melodic loops on strings, pianos, choirs/vox and some great pads/synths/stabs and tasty percussion too.

There's a coherent sound to the pack in general and if you like warm and old-school with a modern edge, then this pack is just the ticket.