A seriously clever all-in-one line array speaker system that's perfect for small gigs

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MusicRadar Verdict

This clever little line array is portable, powerful and a breeze to set up, and with its intuitive 8-channel digital mixer, it's incredibly flexible, too. While the EVOX JMIX8 may offer musician's access to all the mod cons we've all come to expect, such as Bluetooth audio, an integrated mixing app, studio-quality effects and amp simulations, at its core, it's a well made, great-sounding PA system that can handle many different situations.


  • +

    Very simple to set up

  • +

    Intuitive to use

  • +

    Clear and punchy sound

  • +

    Very well built


  • -

    Needs mobile app to get best out of the system

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RCF EVOX JMIX8 review: What is it?

The RCF name has become synonymous with high-quality audio solutions - not all that surprising when you realise they have occupied this space since 1949. RCF have many options in their vast catalogue to delight professional audio engineers and musicians alike. Still, they also cater to the audio novice, with easy to set up systems such as the EVOX JMIX8.

This clever all-in-one PA pairs a portable mini line array system with an eight-channel digital mixer, which can even be controlled wirelessly via an accompanying mobile app. A powerful class D amplifier delivers 1400 W peak (700 W RMS), an impressive frequency response of 40Hz to 20kHz and a maximum SPL of 128dB.

Converting all that power into audio is a total of nine speakers. Handling the low-end thump is a 12-inch RCF woofer with a 2.4-inch voice coil concealed inside a moulded cabinet. Taking care of the higher frequencies (crossing over at 220Hz) are eight RCF 2-inch drivers with 1-inch voice coils, which can be found inside the pole-mounted line array at the head of the system.

The RCF EVOX JMIX8 also features several effects from reverb to chorus, compressors to amp simulations.

RCF EVOX JMIX8 review: Performance & verdict

Set up 

It's hard to deny the practicality of an all-in-one PA speaker system, and the EVOX JMIX8 perfectly showcases just why you may want to ditch the cumbersome nature of those traditional black boxes. Setting up the EVOX couldn't be easier. You simply screw the speaker poles into the top of the sub unit, attach the top speaker section and connect the two with the accompanying speakon cable - that's it. It has to be said just how intuitive it is to set up, with us being able to unbox the system, assemble it, and get music playing in minutes - and we firmly believe that a complete novice would be just as quick. 

It's worth noting that there are actually two volume controls on this system - one found on the top panel of the mixer and one tucked away on the back on the sub unit, next to the balanced out. The volume control located on the sub controls the level of the entire system and must be adjusted before you'll hear any audio, while the red master volume control on the mixer only changes the mixer's volume. While this may sound obvious, it can be easily overlooked and leave you scratching your head. 


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Digital mixer 

At the heart of this clever public address system is the eight-channel digital mixer, and we must say, we are very impressed with how flexible it is. The first four channels offer either microphone or line-level signals, with channel four also providing access to inbuilt instrument effects such as delay, chorus and even very convincing amp simulators - with setting such as Darkface '65, Rock '64 and Top30 - meaning you can plug your electric guitar straight in and leave your heavy guitar amplifier at home. Now, it would be nice if this feature wasn't only limited to channel 4, but admittedly it's a minor complaint about a feature we really dig. 

Channels 5/6 and 7/8 are a pretty standard affair, with the latter also doubling as your Bluetooth channel for streaming music wirelessly - a handy feature we couldn't live without nowadays. 

While all of the features are accessible via the buttons and screen at the top of the unit, it can be a little frustrating to scroll through menus. However, navigating the mixer's parameters becomes easier once you use the free to download app. Hence, we strongly suggest you do so. While it may not be the sleekest looking app out there, it is very clear and easy to use. This app allows you to adjust the volumes of tracks, set gain levels, change EQ parameters, apply effects and even add mastering compression to the entire mix. So if you want to use this system effectively, then you need to use the accompanying app - luckily, it is available for both iOS and Android users. 


Don't let the small stature of the JMIX8 fool you, as it certainly packs a punch. The sound is clear, articulate with the 12" sub providing plenty of low end - it's easy to see why this particular system is popular with DJs. There's excellent separation between the low and high frequencies as well, resulting in a sound that isn't muddy - something that can be a problem for this type of all-in-one system. 

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Yamaha Stagepas 1K: The latest offering from Yamaha is the perfect option for those terrified of PA. The one-knob EQ and simplified controls mean it is entirely foolproof and ideal for those new to sound reinforcement.   

We were able to get plenty of volume out of the JMIX without losing clarity and with zero distortion, which, to be fair, is something that we wholly expected from sound reinforcement titans RCF. While the tone produced may be a little closer to a hi-fi sound - when compared to traditional speakers - it's certainly good enough to tempt even the most old school musician away from their favourite black boxes. 

While a single system should be loud enough to handle small gigs, you can pair two together to cover more ground for larger shows. It's worth noting that you can't use two JMIX8's for this purpose as you can't use the two mixers at the same time, instead one of the systems has to be the EVOX J8 - this is the same system just without the integrated mixer.

RCF EVOX JMIX8 review: Hands-on demos




RCF EVOX JMIX8 review: Specifications

  • Frequency Response: 40 Hz - 20000 Hz 
  • Power: 1400 Watt 2-way peak power 
  • Horizontal Coverage Angle: 120° 
  • Vertical Coverage Angle: 30°
  • Max SPL at 1M: 128 dB 
  • Full Range Speakers:  8 x 2.0'', 1.0''  
  • Woofer: 12'', 2.5'' 
  • Inputs: XLR, Jack
  • DSP Processing: FiRPHASE 
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 2350x350x450 mm
  • Weight: 24,4/53.8 kg/lbs
  • Contact: RCF  
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