Pigtronix Constellator Modulated Analog Delay review

A BBD-driven delay with a very tweakable mod section makes for one powerful little stompbox

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Pigtronix Constellator Modulated Analogue Delay
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MusicRadar Verdict

Don't let the size full you. The quality of the analogue delay sounds is beyond dispute, and the Constellator's dual-modulation makes it even more versatile.


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    Top-shelf analogue repeats.

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    Two flavours of modulation.

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    Small format pedal.

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Pigtronix Constellator Modulated Analog Delay: What is it?

Like its Space Rip guitar synth pedal, the Pigtronix Constellator analogue delay looks to do a lot from the smallest pedalboard footprint possible. Housed in a mini-pedal enclosure, the Constellator is driven by a pair of MN3005 BBD chips, offering a maximum delay time of 600ms.

Your control over these comes by way of a typical delay pedal complement of Time, Mix and Repeats knobs, with a Mod knob for adding some woozy modulation to the repeats. 

There is also a Feel button that toggles between the two modulation modes, chorus or vibrato, but how you choose to use this modulation and how the Constellator is set is everything. There’s a lot of space to run into here.

Pigtronix Constellator Modulated Analog Delay: Performance and verdict

The mini guitar effects pedal format really works for Pigtronix. It’s proof apparent of just how many features you can pack into a small format and yet still deliver a stompbox that’s intuitive and, ultimately, very useful in a number of scenarios.

Also consider...

MXR Carbon Copy Deluxe

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MXR Carbon Copy
Sound-wise the pedal does everything you would expect of an analogue delay, including the regen knob that sets off self-oscillation for dub and spacey effects when turned past midnight.

Boss DM-2W Delay
The DM-2 is the gold standard for bucket-brigade delay pedals, and this updated Waza Craft interpretation recreates its classic tone to a T. 

In the case of the Constellator, it makes an excellent entry point into the concept of modulated delay. Adding a chorus-y wobble or some disorientating vibrato to the repeats can be subtle or transformative. 

The Constellator can be used to evoke vintage tape machines in need of a service. It can be used to go in deep with heavy psychedelic modulation or sent into self-oscillation to close your set with an extreme sound. 

Even with the modulation at a minimum, this is a superb analogue delay, with a character to the decay that is something you won’t get from a digital unit. The appeal to six-string psychonauts is obvious; this can be a base camp for soundscaping adventures, particularly if you have an exotic taste in reverb pedals

The Constellator’s core delay voice can do rockabilly slapback all the way through to more epic delay sounds that can really add some depth and intrigue to your solos. And it won’t bogart your ‘board space either.

MusicRadar verdict: Don't let the size full you. The quality of the analogue delay sounds is beyond dispute, and the Constellator's dual-modulation makes it even more versatile.

Pigtronix Constellator Modulated Analog Delay: The web says

"Those repeats are everything you’d expect of an analogue delay, melting off and degrading into the distance and going into self-oscillation if desired. From metallic ambience through vintage slapback to Edge-style rhythmic repeats and longer spacey echoes, there’s plenty here."

"In use, the Constellator delivered in a big way, which is to say don’t look at this little box purely as an option for space-challenged situations. For tone and function, it competes admirably with many analog delays in standard-sized enclosures, and likely blows a few out of the water as well."
Guitar Player

Pigtronix Constellator Modulated Analog Delay: Hands-on demos


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Pigtronix Constellator Modulated Analog Delay: Specifications

  • ORIGIN: China
  • TYPE: Analogue delay pedal
  • FEATURES: Buffered bypass
  • CONTROLS: Time, Mix, Mod, Repeats, Feel, Bypass footswitch
  • CONNECTIONS: Standard input, standard output
  • POWER: 9V DC adaptor (not supplied)
  • DIMENSIONS: 43 (w) x 93 (d) x 45mm (h)
  • CONTACT: Pigtronix

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