Mooer Mod Verb review

Mo Mod, mo problems?

  • £74
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Our Verdict

A useful pedal that suffers from a tiny handful of flaws.


  • Fantastic base reverb sound.


  • No speed knob for the modulation.

Many players were initially sniffy about Mooer because of its pedals’ price tags and country of origin; several years on, it’s likely that many will now have one. 

The Mod Verb offers a fantastic base reverb sound at an attractive price point, complete with modulation options of flanger, vibrato or a phaser to blend in as well. 

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In the intuitiveness stakes it shoots itself in the foot by having no speed knob for the modulation, instead having it controlled by tapping the status LED. This makes the modulation effects seem a tad gimmicky. Of the three, the vibrato (when used subtly) is by far the highlight.

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