Keeley Hooke Reverb review

From classic to weird

  • £179
  • €194
  • $179

MusicRadar Verdict

A kooky pedal, for sure, but one well worth checking out.


  • +

    Fantastic tremolo-reverb.


  • -

    Not the cheapest.

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The Hooke Reverb reverb pedal is an odd beast. 

Its first patch is a fully wet organ sound made from an octave up and down that feels laggy and a bit out-of-place on a reverb. The classic spring reverb patch is a solid piece of work, but the star of the show is the tremolo-reverb. 

When dialled back to a subtle wobble and with the reverb past noon, this is an effect you can get lost in. Taking off the back plate, there’s a switch inside that allows access to two further spring reverb patches and a cool spring and plate blend - though their high quality begs the question of why they aren’t accessible via the front panel.

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