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Mooer Pure Octave review

Two up, two down on this mini octave pedal

  • £64
  • $99
For such a compact pedal, the Pure Octave offers a wide range of octave modes

Our Verdict

Whether it's more girth for lower-string riffs or a tickle of 12-string sound, this pedal can keep things interesting.


  • Compact size. Wide choice of octave modes. Versatile blending options.


  • Octaves not always on pitch.

The Pure Octave pedal is so named because it's designed to dish up precise octave effects with no distorted sound.

A large rotary knob selects one of 11 different octave modes, with various combinations of one and two octaves above and below, the fullest being both octaves above and both below. You adjust the blend with volume knobs for the dry sound, the sub(s) and the upper(s).


With mostly flawless note tracking, there's loads of variation available - from realistic up-front doubling of single-string lines with bass, to subtly thickening things up with some ear candy behind each note.