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Manuel Rodriguez MCR11 review

A Spanish guitar hybrid with classic good looks

  • £899
The MCR11 is imbued with Spanish tradition

Our Verdict

A very typical electro-cutaway Spanish guitar. It won't blow your socks off but, so long as those string outputs are sorted, it's definitely very fit for purpose.


  • Good build and acoustic performance.


  • Uneven string outputs when plugged in.

The MCR11 is one of the most Spanish looking flamenco/flat-top hybrids we've seen: it's a full classical-depth solid cedartopped cutaway electro with a quite startling rosette.

Construction is respectable, although the finish seems a little over-thick and is not the flattest you'll ever see on this type of guitar.

"Unplugged, the guitar exhibits a well-balanced, crisp tone that's not bass-heavy"

Internally, bracing and jointing is very clean. The MCR11's neck-block construction is a Spanish-style slipper heel with an unusual, but comfortable cutaway heel shaping. There's a slightly asymmetrical feel to the neck shape, with a shallower shoulder on the treble side, while the bass side feels more rounded.

The reasonably spacious nut width actually feels a little cramped, whereas string height is roomy, though a little lower than classical standard (like all of our foursome), and the fretting is nicely polished.


Unplugged, the guitar exhibits a well-balanced, crisp tone that's not bass-heavy. That said, it's certainly not the most responsive we've played and also sounds a little tight, like it needs a fair bit of playing in.

Plugged in, the acoustic sound is replicated, the preamp is effective and performance is only let down by uneven string outputs. A shame, because this is otherwise a very nice guitar.