Joyo JF-303 Little Blaster review

Jamming with the Master Blaster

  • £49
  • €55
  • $49
The tiny stompbox comes with a non-slip rubber base and Velcro for attaching to your 'board

MusicRadar Verdict

The low-gain tones aren't up to much, but if you're after hot-rodded JCM-esque sounds, the Little Blaster is a steal.


  • +

    Great JCM-style tones. Very affordable. Easy to use.


  • -

    Low gain tones ain't great.

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To our ears and eyes, the Little Blaster from Chinese firm Joyo is based on the high-gain MI Audio Crunch Box distortion, and does a fine job of replicating its thick, British tone.

"The mid-heavy, saturated drive tears through your speakers"

The mid-heavy, saturated drive tears through your speakers, while the presence control is a boon for tailoring the pedal's top-end to your amp - too much and it gets fizzy, but get it right and it sounds as if you've gained an extra distortion channel.

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