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Harmonic Design Super Chrome review

  • $100
The Super Chrome offers an output boost without harming your precious Tele.

Our Verdict

If you want a bigger sound from a Tele's neck pickup without getting the tools out, try this. We're glad we did.


  • No routing needed; P-90 sound from a Tele.


  • Nothing.

As evidenced by the popularity of Fender's Vintage Hot Rod '52 model with its mini humbucker, there are plenty of players who favour the idea of a pickup with a little more wallop in their Telecaster's neck position.

Perhaps the obvious choice, while still maintaining the Telecaster's single-coil character would be a P-90-style single-coil. However, like the mini humbucker, a soapbar or dog-ear single-coil requires a bigger body rout than found in a standard Tele and it's quite likely that few would want to make such an unkind cut to a favourite guitar.

No, what would really be great would be if someone invented a P-90-styled pickup that could slot in as a direct replacement for the existing chrome Tele neck pickup. And that's exactly why Harmonic Design has come up with the Super Chrome: a small P-90 in a chrome Tele cover. Perfect!


Installing the Super Chrome in our Telecaster, replacing the stock Fender unit, the difference is immediately apparent in the pickup's higher output.

But the tone, still distinctly single-coil with top end clarity, has a richer bass and more midrange warmth without getting at all muddy. Nicely responsive too - a useful tonal complement to the distinctive Tele bridge twang.