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Guitar Man Plug 'N' Play English Channel review

  • £17.95
If you're patient, you can squeeze some good sounds out of the English Channel.

Our Verdict

If you're happy to go easy on the gain, it's worth a look.


  • Gives some genuinely good tones, but…


  • …it can take a while to find them.

Any mention of English or British here means tones based around the EL34, which, in turn, usually means Marshall. The P'N'P range also includes a Super Lead unit, but here it's less about impact and more about these valves' squashy nature.


Even at full gain, the tone is cleaner than expected, thus giving a rhythm sound that's closer to AC/DC than Van Halen, albeit without the depth of either. However, when using a humbucker with a decent output, the backed-off sound is expressive for those hard-hitting 12-bar riffs.

This unit suits tones requiring more subtle overdrives, but aside from the lack of gain, it's a perfectly useable option.