Farida Guitars Tequila Club 32N review

  • £350
The Tequila Club 32N: not just a Tele lookalike!

Early Verdict

A successfully original new take on an old design.


  • +

    Looks and plays like the 60s - at a modern price.


  • -

    Harder rockers will miss their humbuckers.

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Already a big name in the Far East, Farida has achieved lift-off in Britain this year with its range of Chinese electrics. TG picked the 32N for its striking thinline format, historical appearance and competitive price, plus the fact that its name sounds like a porn star's bra size.

Farida didn't reply to our emails, but seeing as the company's based in China, its hyperbole would probably have been lost in translation anyway.

More helpful was Dawsons, who has been Farida's distributor since 2004, watching the range blossom from entry-level models to mid-price stunners like this.

Skirting around the fact it looks pretty similar to a 50s classic, Dawsons alerted us to the chambered ash body and white pearl pickguard, pointed out the gorgeous gloss finish of the maple neck, and nudged us in the direction of the twin single-coils.

All evidence suggests the 32N is aimed at the guitarist who has a taste for the thinlines of the 60s, but has been financially crippled by a divorce.

Farida has been trading for over a decade, and that shows in the 32N's tidy build and features. We'd defy anyone to take issue with the natural cosmetics (wood beats badly applied paint any day).

Even as fans of its original US inspiration we were wowed by the chunky, old-fashioned neck profile and the careful finish to the frets.

None of that would matter if the tone was lame, but the 32N delivers a classy vintage punch at the neck, a useful lead tone at the bridge, and a halfway setting whose 'out-of-phase' honk stands comparison with models at twice the price. Farida's 32N is a tequila slammer.