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Fender Mirror Image Delay review

All the delay you'd need, without breaking the bank

  • £110
  • €111
  • $149

Our Verdict

A solid, workmanlike pedal that could take care of all your delay needs at a decent price.


  • Solid build.


  • At this price, very few.

The Mirror Image delay pedal offers two variations each on three delay types - Digital, Analog and Tape. 

The delay time, feedback and level controls are adjustable but you can also add in modulation if desired with adjustable depth and rate so there’s a tasty combination of delay and chorus. In addition to this you can add extra dotted-eighth delay to the main quarter note at approx 75 per cent of the main one’s volume for a multi-tap vibe and facilitating some rhythmic repeats. 

The main digital delay will cover many delay requirements with its 20 to 900ms range while digital 2 offers much shorter delay times for a double tracking effect and also 
does a cool slapback. 

The other settings cover simulations of BBD and tape delays, (albeit with no self-oscillation), focusing on the less-than-pristine repeats of each genre - the second variation of each offering a more lo-fi version.