Ebashi Audio Triple LFO review

Looking for a versatile LFO module? We take the Triple LFO from Ebashi Audio for a spin

  • €180
Ebashi Audio Triple LFO
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MusicRadar Verdict

A solid set of LFOs with an extra trick that makes this more versatile than many other LFO options, and it looks as good as it sounds.


  • +

    Wide range of speeds.

  • +

    Extra rear panel outputs.

  • +

    Mixed output.


  • -

    Fairly large.

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Ebashi Audio Triple LFO: What is it?

LFO modules are ten a penny so finding one that stands out can be tricky but this triple LFO from Ebashi Audio definitely ticks that box. 

Physically it is a little larger than some at 12hp, but it is skiff friendly and built very well. The metal knobs feel great with nice resistance and the labelling is clean and clear.

Ebashi Audio Triple LFO

(Image credit: Future)

Ebashi Audio Triple LFO: Performance and verdict

Across the top of the panel are two sets of toggle switches, one for triangle or square waveform selection, the other for range selection. Mid, VCO and LFO are the options, making it obvious that this module offers a versatile range of speeds including audio rate, so it can be used as a voice.

Below are three pairs of knobs, one for each LFO controlling rate and depth. Under that is the output section, which provides outputs for the three LFOs and a mix out, which adds a layer of versatility to the module you might not expect. It’s possible to create some interesting and complex modulation by combining different ranges and speeds and depths from the three LFOs, which retain their own outputs alongside the mixed output. It’s also nice to see the output LEDs illuminate to show the strength of the signal. 

All of this in and of itself makes this a worthy contender as a modulation source for many rigs but there is more. On the rear of the module you will find duplicate output sockets, allowing for some level or pre-patching. This could be a big deal – if you regularly use LFOs for particular uses then keeping some cable runs neatly out of the way might be very useful. You would need a gap for the cables to run back out to the front to connect to other modules but most rigs have a little wiggle room for this.

All of these features complement each other well and make this more than it first appears. Being able to run the LFOs twice (from front and rear) saves on the need for mults and effectively doubles the module’s use. The mix out, which is also duplicated on the rear, is a great creative tool and using that in conjunction with the three single outputs makes for some interesting options for complex modulation that stays in sync with the more straightforward ones. Using the mix output in VCO mode can get really interesting too, with almost waveshaper tones available, alongside the triangle and squares.

All in all, the Triple LFO is a very capable module with some neat little tricks.

MusicRadar verdict: A solid set of LFOs with an extra trick that makes this more versatile than many other LFO options, and it looks as good as it sounds.

Ebashi Audio Triple LFO: Hands-on demos

Dziam Bass

Ebashi Audio Triple LFO: Specifications

  • KEY FEATURES: 12HP 3U Eurorack compatible, 3 LFOs, rear prepatching, two waveforms, three front panel outputs.
  • CONTACT: Ebashi Audio