Pearl H-72W Double braced Hi-Hat Stand

Based on Pearl's Eliminator footboard, this stand is highly responsive but not suitable for really hard playing

  • £63
Where's the height memory lock?

Our Verdict

This stand might be too lightweight for many but the super fast response makes up for it.


  • Based on the excellent Eliminator footboard. Direct pull action.


  • No height memory lock included. Only one retractable spike.

Pearl's H-72W features a basic version of their fabulous Eliminator footboard and boasts a super fast response due to the direct pull action of the dual solid metal links. It's a slight disappointment that there isn't a height memory lock included - considering their importance and how cheap they are to produce, even basic models should have one.

This model also only features one retractable spike and is lighter than expected, so be careful if you're playing hard and fast, as this feller might be prone to 'creepage'.