LP Walnut Cajon review

A cajon worthy of attention

  • £215
  • €260
The Walnut cajon (bottom, right) features a 9mm-thick birch body formed from eight individual plies and rounded corners

MusicRadar Verdict

The LP Walnut cajon is hugely versatile and able to deliver the full spectrum of tone options.


  • +

    Excellent build quality and craftsmanship. Great tones. Superb value.


  • -

    Not much.

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US firm Latin Percussion arguably produces the most widely played and recorded hand percussion instruments in studios and stages worldwide, and certainly shows no signs of letting up soon.

This cajon is actually hand-crafted by skilled luthiers in Spain (unlike the majority of mass-produced models), so you can rest assured that it is most certainly the real deal.


"This walnut model has beautifully sculpted and consequently much more comfortable top front corners"

This walnut model features a 9mm-thick quality Finnish birch body formed from eight individual plies, and has beautifully sculpted and consequently much more comfortable top front corners.

The cajon measures 48cm tall by 30cm by 30cm, sporting a rich walnut finish on the tapa. LP uses a 'Lateral Curve System' that allows the four internal, vertically mounted guitar strings to vibrate evenly to produce the optimum 'snare' response.

There are two sets of two strings that lie against the rear of the tapa in a V-shape, adjustable via two hex screws in the base. It also come with a small cluster of metal jingles that further spice up the drums' 'snare' sound.

Hands on

The Walnut delivers top quality and professional tones due to the quality woods and serious attention to detail by the Spanish artisans who make this cajon. It's also hugely versatile and able to deliver a full spectrum of tone options, as well as providing a really sharp and focused overall sound.

That said, you can't expect to attain every sound possibility in any single cajon, so it's vital that you try as many as you can before you part with your dosh.

We especially loved this model when we gigged with it with one mic near the rear sound hole and one near the top - lots of folks gushed about its high-quality tonal palette. What's more, it's really comfortable to play for extended periods.