Casio PX-S3100 review

Has Casio made “the world’s slimmest digital stage piano without compromising on sound”?

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Casio PX-S3100
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MusicRadar Verdict

An impressive bundle of features in a slim, stylish and portable package that exceeds competitors in all areas but one.


  • +

    Upgraded speakers make a noticeable difference to sound.

  • +

    Bluetooth audio and MIDI connectivity is genuinely useful.

  • +

    Battery power and portability means you can take it anywhere you like.


  • -

    Action is not quite up to scratch for pro-level players.

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Casio PX-S3100: What is it?

In 2022, Casio has upgraded the popular PX-S series digital pianos, bringing them up to date with Bluetooth connectivity, a redesigned speaker system and more.

The PX-S3100 is the more capable instrument of the two, boasting a broader range of onboard sounds and more opportunity for tone-shaping in the effects department than its little brother, the PX-S1100. Coming in at 232mm in depth, it’s the slimmest digital piano on the market, and at 11.4kg it’s one of the most portable options too. 

The PX-S3100 delivers a fantastic collection of 700 onboard sounds. The stars of the show are the 24 piano voices, which offer variations on the standard concert grand (the ‘mellow’ setting is particularly impressive) alongside genre-specific options for pop, jazz, rock and even ambient music.

The voices offer an admirably faithful recreation of an acoustic piano’s tone, down to minute details like string and damper resonance and mechanical action noise, which can be tweaked in the Music Space app. 

Aside from the piano tones, there’s a varied selection of sounds that includes electric pianos, organs, strings, guitars, basses, synths and sound FX. There’s also a ton of possibilities for effects processing, the most useful being a pretty sophisticated reverb alongside chorus, flanger and more.

Thanks to a newly implemented speaker system powered by dual 8W amplifiers, the PX-S3100 sounds noticeably better than its predecessor. The dynamic range is broader, there’s more presence and definition, and the bass response is improved. 

Casio PX-S3100

(Image credit: Future)

Casio PX-S3100

(Image credit: Future)

Casio PX-S3100: Performance & Verdict

When it comes to the piano’s action, feel and playability, the PX-S3100 is decent enough, but doesn’t quite stack up against other contenders in this price bracket, such as Roland’s FP-30X

Perhaps due to slight compromises made in achieving the piano’s compact form factor, the action is a touch less natural-feeling than we’d like. However, that’s not to say the PX-S3100 isn’t responsive to play. 

For anyone other than experienced pianists, the action’s not likely to be an issue, and certainly doesn’t outweigh the piano’s many plusses. 

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Speaking of which, we were particularly taken with the piano’s design. Sleek, modern and stylish, the look of the PX-S3100 hits all the right notes, with the smooth, touch-sensitive backlit interface putting many-buttoned competitors like the Yamaha P-125 to shame. 

On top of its impressive aesthetic, the Casio’s outstanding array of features is where it really hits a home run. The headline here is the Bluetooth connectivity, which spans both audio and MIDI, giving you oodles of possibilities. 

There’s also a 3-track, 5-song MIDI recording and playback system that’s useful for both composition and practice. For players who find it helpful to play along with a backing track, there are 200 onboard rhythms and auto-accompaniment. 

These, along with almost every other feature, can be tweaked from the Music Space app, which hooks up to the piano via the included Bluetooth adapter and gives useful functions like a score viewer, piano roll and concert simulator.

The PX-S3100 is a brilliant choice for any amateur pianist moving out of the beginner digital piano bracket seeking more functionality and a decent sound, or gigging musicians in need of a stage piano that’s portable, reliable, and good value. 

MusicRadar verdict: An impressive bundle of features in a slim, stylish and portable package that exceeds competitors in all areas but one.

Casio PX-S3100: Hands-on demos



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Casio PX-S3100: Specifications

  • Dimensions: 1322 x 232 x 102 mm
  • Weight: 11.2kg (excluding batteries)
  • Keys: 88 Weighted Keys with Smart Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard
  • Number of Tones: 700 AiR Stereo Tones and 200 Smart Styles.
  • Other features: Battery Power Option (6 AA Batteries give up to 2 hours of playing time). SP-3 Sustain Pedal Included. Bluetooth Audio and MIDI with included WU-BT10 USB adapter.
  • Speakers: 8W + 8W Loudspeaker System
  • Power Supply: 12V DC
  • Connectivity: Headphone Output (3.5 mm Jack). Line Output (Left and Right). Audio Input (Stereo 3.5mm Jack). USB Connector to PC, Mac or smart device (iOS and Android). USB to Device connection.
  • Contact: Casio    
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