Beyerdynamic M 70 Pro X review

Need a videocasting mic that sounds and looks the part? We may have just the thing

  • £219
Beyerdynamic M 70 Pro X
(Image: © Beyerdynamic)

MusicRadar Verdict

Aimed primarily at broadcasting and speech uses, the M 70 Pro X delivers an excellent combination of sonics and visuals, making it a great choice for videocasting


  • +

    Speech tailored sound.

  • +

    Quality build and looks good.

  • +

    Handles plosives well.

  • +

    Includes proper suspension cradle.

  • +

    Bundle comes with pop shield and pouch.


  • -

    A regular mic clip would be welcome.

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Beyerdynamic M 70 Pro X: What is it?

Videocasting really puts your audio gear centre stage and if you want to look and sound good you’ll need the right tools. Mics like Shure’s SM7B are regularly seen in videocasts and their popularity is driven in part by the fact they look good and are easy to use.

So, it should come as no surprise that microphone manufacturers are actively targeting this market with new products. Following on from the Beyerdynamic M 90 Pro X large capsule condenser, we now have its sibling on the bench, the M 70 Pro X.

This is visually quite similar to the M 90 Pro X, but is in fact an end address cardioid dynamic mic, and it’s aimed squarely at the videocasting and podcasting market.

Much like the M 90, the M 70 Pro X looks excellent, and uses a very similar low profile cradle. In the box you’ll also find a proper two layer gooseneck pop shield and storage pouch. So, the bundle is well equipped and the overall finish excellent.

That said, and it’s a minor gripe, we would still like to see a regular mounting option for the mic so you can use it without the full cradle. In terms of spec there’s no quoted noise figure, however the quoted sensitivity (1.8mV/Pa) is acceptable for a dynamic mic.

Beyerdynamic M 70 Pro X

(Image credit: Future)

Beyerdynamic M 70 Pro X: Performance and verdict

Frequency response is quoted for both very close and at 1 metre, and these figures confirm the additional proximity you’ll get when up close. In fact, we found you needed to get in pretty close for the proximity to be obvious. Rather interestingly, we also found that right up close the M 70 Pro X handled plosives really well, although breathing noise was more of a problem. 

Back away a few centimetres and plosives became more of a problem, and at this point a pop shield became a must. We prefer the latter configuration simply because it’s more predictable, and even with the pop shield almost touching the headstock, it was nigh on impossible to get the mic to pop, which is ideal for broadcasting uses. 

Beyerdynamic M 70 Pro X

(Image credit: Beyerdynamic)

Sonically, the M 70 Pro X is tailored for speech, and the overall curve is boosted in the high mids to help add clarity. Looking at the frequency graph this seems focused on 4kHz and 8kHz but there’s a general lift from about 1kHz upwards. 

The polar pattern is pretty smooth in the mid range, but if you drift off axis the higher frequencies do suffer a bit. This isn’t a deal breaker, but you’ll get the best results staying bang on the end of the headstock. 

Although it’s designed for speech we did give the mic a go on some other sources and it was a bit too edgy for high frequency sources such tambourine or shaker, but worked well with acoustic guitar. 

We’ve used the M 70 Pro X on a number of voiceovers and have to say like the results. It’s not quite as smooth as my normal large capsule condenser, but we're in favour of the upfront nature. Overall this is a well conceived and competitively priced mic ideal for broadcast voice and beyond.

MusicRadar verdict: Aimed primarily at broadcasting and speech uses, the M 70 Pro X delivers an excellent combination of sonics and visuals, making it a great choice for videocasting.

Beyerdynamic M 70 Pro X: The web says

"The Beyerdynamic M70 PRO X is an all-around simple mic with excellent sound quality, meriting its big price tag. This mic reproduces the human voice very accurately, whether speaking or singing, though it is advertised specifically as having a speech-optimized frequency response. The recordings come out clear and without distortion."

"Overall, I found that the M70 PRO X held its own against the SM7B in nearly every frequency range. The M70 PRO X delivered thick, detailed low-end information with plenty of accuracy and without a trace of muddiness, supporting a smooth, natural-sounding midrange that lacked the hollow shoebox-esque sound that plagues cheaper dynamic microphones."
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Beyerdynamic M 70 Pro X: Specifications

  • Type: Dynamic
  • Capsule: Cardioid Pressure Gradient
  • Frequency range: 25Hz to 18kHz (close) 40Hz to 18kHz (>1m) 
  • Impedance: 350 Ohms
  • Sensitivity: 1.8mV/Pa (-55.0dB) +/- dB
  • Equivalent Noise: A-weighted
  • Size: (h)185 x(d) 52mm
  • Weight: 320g
  • CONTACT: Beyerdynamic