Austrian Audio Hi-X25BT review

We connect up with Austrian Audio’s latest Bluetooth cans

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Austrian Audio Hi-X25BT
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MusicRadar Verdict

If you’re happy to use Bluetooth or USB, these are quality all-rounder headphones that can suit a variety of uses.


  • +

    Great sound quality at all frequencies.

  • +

    Good for all instruments and genres.

  • +

    Nice quality to playback.

  • +

    Stay on well.


  • -

    Could have even longer battery life for use travelling.

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Austrian Audio Hi-X25BT: What is it?

Built in a sleek red and black design, these headphones are nice to wear and give a great sound with vocals, instrumentals and electronic tracks as well as classical recordings. Placing the bass well and giving mids a good sound, they are not overly loud, but give the whole sound spectrum a pleasing quality.

As with other wireless headphones, such as Sennheiser’s, the listening experience is different to the wired one; but the freedom to move while using is really useful.

Austrian Audio Hi-X25BT

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Austrian Audio Hi-X25BT: Performance and verdict

One press of the power button turns the headphones on, while three presses pairs them via Bluetooth. The phones charge digitally via the input on the right can. Meanwhile, one tap on the right ear phone mutes the phones, and another turns them back on. One tap also serves the function of ‘receiving a call’ while two serves as rejecting one. 

Volume slider controls are accessed via the same earphone. One upwards slide takes the volume up by one bar, while one slide down takes it down a bar. Multiple slides takes the volume way up or down. There is sensitivity based on the size of the slide, so one long slide up takes the volume way louder and one long slide down takes the volume right down.

Austrian Audio Hi-X25BT

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Functions are fairly easy to control and to get used to. Some headphones take ages to pair and can be a nightmare to control, but these are easy and responsive, as well as having not too many buttons to make remembering where to press a little tricky. 

With no mini jack audio into the phones, the headphones can only be used wirelessly, or via USB, which forces the user to get to know the Bluetooth functions quickly. Most studios are set up for Bluetooth headphones, but if there were a problem connecting, it could be annoying not having a mini jack input. That said, USB works fine for most professional applications; it’s easy to connect to a computer audio, just less easy to connect to a hi-fi or other media playback device which does not have Bluetooth or USB. These do come with a 3.5mm jack to lightning cable connector for studio monitoring or live sound checking however. 

Held away from the head by the larger ear muffs, there is a feeling of space in the headphones, with the mix also sounding like it’s in a more spacious room as a result. 

With a sensitivity of 113dB SPL/V, the headphones represent the clarity of a mix well yet are not overly loud: they need a decent volume to play loudly. 

With a maximum running time of 30 hours, a weight of only 270g, and a strong but light design, these headphones are a strong purchase choice. They stay on very well, even when moving around the room and at a good price for such high quality, these are a strong competitor with any of the major headphones brands

MusicRadar verdict: If you’re happy to use Bluetooth or USB, these are quality all-rounder headphones that can suit a variety of uses.

Austrian Audio Hi-X25BT: The web says

"We are extremely impressed with the performance and comfort of these affordable headphones, and the build quality is class-leading."

Austrian Audio Hi-X25BT: Hands-on demos

Austrian Audio

Booth Junkie


Adam Steel - Hop Pole Studios

Austrian Audio Hi-X25BT: Specifications

  • KEY FEATURES: Foldable Bluetooth 5.0 over-ear headphones with memory foam earpads and a 30 hour battery life Frequency range: 12Hz – 24kHz Sensitivity: 113 dBsl/V Dimensions: 205 x 170 x 80mm Weight (without cable): 270g Battery Type: Built-in Lithium Polymer.
  • CONTACT: Austrian Audio
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