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Can you become a better singer in just one month? 30 Day Singer believes so. We took it for a spin

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MusicRadar Verdict

This course is a fantastic option for those wishing to improve their voice, and whilst you might not suddenly be a world-class, stage-ready vocalist within 30 days, if you follow the lessons and take on board the advice from these experienced tutors, you’ll certainly improve your skills.


  • +

    Well structured programme

  • +

    Emphasis on singing in a healthy and sustainable way

  • +

    Accessible to all levels

  • +

    Downloadable audio files

  • +

    High-quality, clear video tutorials

  • +

    Community Support


  • -

    No personalised feedback without expensive upgrade

  • -

    Lacking in genre-specific content

  • -

    Unmoderated community forum

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30 Day Singer review: What is it?

For the purposes of this review we were given full access to 30 Day Singer. 

If you're looking to improve your singing skills, then the 30 Day Singer programme is definitely worth a look. This comprehensive online singing lessons platform offers lessons and exercises that cater to singers of all levels, from beginners to experienced vocalists. The programme is designed to be user-friendly, with a focus on healthy technique, and is led by Camille van Niekerk, who believes that anyone can learn to sing better within a 30-day period by following the programme's outlined steps.

At a glance

Price: $29.95 per month, $129 per year, free 14 day trial, cancel anytime
Key features: lessons cover beginners, ear training & harmony, vocal technique and style & performance; advanced singing tutorials; genre-based tutorials; artist profiles; regular live streams; one-to-one sessions available (for an additional fee); downloadable audio files; blog articles
Contact: 30 Day Singer

The lessons and exercises are structured around key areas such as breathing, tone, range, and style, and there is a strong emphasis on proper technique and good singing habits.

Additionally, the programme also includes a range of exercises that help students expand their vocal range and improve their tone, as well as paying attention to proper breathing, posture, and vocal warm-ups.

The programme is delivered through daily video tutorials that are accompanied by audio exercises, with each lesson being concise and easy to follow. The programme also offers access to a community of singers, providing an avenue for students to connect with fellow singers, receive feedback and support from peers, and foster a sense of community. Whether you're just starting out or looking to take your singing to the next level, the 30 Day Singer programme is definitely worth considering.

30 Day Singer: Get your first month half price
MusicRadar readers can enjoy their first month of 30 Day Singer half price by clicking the link and using the code MRHALFOFF

30 Day Singer: Get your first month half price
MusicRadar readers can enjoy their first month of 30 Day Singer half price by clicking the link and using the code MRHALFOFF at checkout. That will be $14.97 rather than the usual $29.95. 30 Day Singer tutors include pro vocalists who teach a range of styles and cater to every level with the aim of making you a better singer in... you guessed it, 30 days!

30 Day Singer review: Performance & verdict

30 Day Singer menu screen

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If you’re looking to improve your singing abilities, the 30 Day Singer programme may be perfect for you. The programme is well-organised, with lessons that are easy to navigate and structured in a clear and concise manner. The video tutorials are of excellent quality, featuring engaging demonstrations and valuable tips, while the audio exercises strike a balance between challenging exercises and more accessible warm-ups. You can even download the exercises and practise at your own pace without internet access, which is a nice feature.

One advantage of this programme is the inclusion of a diverse selection of songs within the tutorials, allowing students to practise their skills in a more practical setting.

30 Day Singer lesson

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One of the lead instructors, Camille Van Niekerk, believes that anyone can learn to sing, as long as they have basic speech capabilities and the ability to modulate their pitch. She also emphasises the importance of listening to your body and proceeding through the course at a comfortable pace.

The programme offers a beginner's course taught by either a male or female instructor, depending on your vocal range. After completing the beginner's course, advanced tutorials are available that can be adapted to any vocal range by adjusting the octave accordingly. The lesson structure is incredibly user-friendly, with a dedicated tab on the homepage for new users that provides explicit guidance on accessing each aspect of the course.

For a budget-friendly price of $29.95 per month or $129 per year, you have full access to not only the general tutorials and audio assets, but regular live streams as well. The live-streamed videos differ in audio/visual quality from the regular tutorials, but still contain a wealth of content. Some students may even prefer the more personal touch of these videos and the opportunity to get to know the tutor. On average, these one-hour long videos are streamed once per week. 

30 Day Singer live stream screen

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Each video, whether a live stream or a regular tutorial, is delivered clearly, confidently and concisely, alongside a text box containing background credentials for each tutor. This inspires confidence in the platform and makes it feel like you are being taught by an expert.

One potential drawback of 30 Day Singer is that it may not be as effective for vocalists in need of specialised feedback and individual support. You can book one-on-one sessions with the main tutors which is a great feature, however the cost may be prohibitive, with a one-hour session with Abram Poliakoff costing $100 and a one-hour session with Camille Van Niekerk costing $150. There are cheaper 30 minute options too.

In addition to the comprehensive tutorials and live streams, 30 Day Singer offers a forum section where users can engage in discussions and even initiate their own threads. However, it should be noted that the forum appears to lack moderation, as at the time of writing it contains a plethora of unrelated posts and discussions on topics ranging from gardening to University dissertation advice to FIFA.

30 Day Singer review: Hands-on reviews

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As well as fronting alt-rock band Novustory, RNCM-trained Imogen co-runs one of the North-West’s leading recording studios – Esche Haus Audio. She also helps train and coach artists, helping them find their own voice, and recently studied with none other than legendary vocalist Stevie Lange. Aside from music, Imogen loves cooking up a storm in the kitchen and visiting restaurants.