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Z.Vex unveils cute-looking, fierce-sounding Russian Fuzz Factory 7 pedal

Z.Vex’s Fuzz Factory remains a pedalboard staple, and now the company has launched a new incarnation with two rare, Russian GT308V germanium transistors.

Promising a more “bipolar” take on the Fuzz Factory tone, the Russian FF7 features a three-position toggle, nine-position rotary switch, plus a switchable passive tone control to roll off high-end.

Oh yeah, and it has a ridiculously cute cat on the enclosure. What more could you possibly want?

The Russian Fuzz Factory 7 is available now for $469 - take a listen above, and visit Z.Vex for more info.

Other recent additions to the Fuzz Factory line include the Silicon Fuzz Factory and long-awaited Vertical Fuzz Factory.

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