Zoom unveils its two new G2 Four and G2X Four multi-effects pedals with an innovative IR feature – and another practical one players will appreciate

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Zoom will debut its new Multi-Layer IR technology on two new multi-effects processors: the G2 Four and G2X Four.

This new feature captures three Impulse Responses at three different volumes and combines them. Zoom says that this offers the advantage of "exact tonal characteristics and feel of playing through classic amps and cabinets at different volumes". 


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Interestingly, Zoom adds that the blend will be activated dependent on the volume of your guitar, suggesting an optimised mix. 

There will be 22 of these new IRs on each unit, focussing on different 'classic' guitar amps. In addition, the two units will feature over 100 effects.

The processors are preloaded with 250 preset patches, said to be based on iconic songs from the '50s up to the present day. You can chain together up to seven effects in these patches to build your own presets. 

You can also jam with an 80-second built in looper and 60 different beats covering a wide range of styles. 

One feature we especially appreciate is that a lot of these features are accessed via cross-key navigation with buttons big enough to control with your feet. A really practical approach to allowing players to make adjustments, without having to stop playing! 


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Four rotary controls then adjust a three-band EQ and volume for the effects parameters. Players can also select the output type between amp and line out  when they power up the pedal for optimised performance. Or you can connect directly to your DAW for recording with a USB cable. There's also the option to control the G2 units via USB connection with Zoom's Guitar Lab app. 

As you'll probably be able to tell from the pics and video, the difference between the $199 G2 Four and $229 G2X Four is the latter's expression pedal.  We're liking the look of these two, and the feedback from pro players Eli Menezes and Ricardo Ramos in the video above.

More info at Zoom, and preorder at Sweetwater

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