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‘Your mix sucks’, but this Waves-powered book could help you fix it

Your Mix Sucks Waves Edition
(Image credit: Waves)

Given his surname, it was probably inevitable that Marc Mozart would end up in the music industry, and he duly ended up becoming an engineer and producer for the likes of Lil Wayne and DMX. He’s also an author, and his Your Mix Sucks ebook is now available in a special Waves edition.

This promises a “complete methodology of mixing”, covering the technical, artistic and personal aspects of the process. The techniques involved are broken down step by step, and the book is suitable for users of all DAWs.

What’s more, because this is an eBook, it’ll continue to be updated, and you’ll get future versions for free.

Unsurprisingly, this edition also includes details of some of the more notable Waves plugins, and it can be ordered from the Waves (opens in new tab) website (a couple of taster chapters can be downloaded, too). The regular price is $49, but it’s currently on sale for $29.

Ben Rogerson
Ben Rogerson

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