Your chance to own a six-neck guitar called… The Beast!

Back in 2008, when MusicRadar was still in short trousers, we were stunned at a guitar that arrived in the photo studio to be photographed for Guitarist magazine. A six-neck electric guitar and bass made by British builder Hutchins. It was a beast - literally, that's what it was called. Now the Beast has resurfaced looking for a new owner; it's up for auction. 

The Beast comprises of a twelve-string guitar, a six-string guitar with tremolo, a five-string bass, a four-string bass, a seven-string guitar with tremolo and a six-string hardtail guitar. Imagine the cost of new guitar strings and changing them all… just the thought of it is bringing us out in a rash. 

The Beast

The Beast pictured for Guitarist magazine back in 2008 (Image credit: Future)

Gardiner Houlgate Auctions in Corsham, England are handling he auction of this monster of 10 March. Its Metallic Red finish is described as having some minor marks and the frets are in 'good' condition with all working electrics throughout. Fretboards are listed as rosewood and The Beast even comes with a gig bag. Impressive. 

The Beast weighs in at 16.97kg – just under 34.5lbs. So if you think a Les Paul Custom isn't shoulder friendly you ain't seen nothing yet!

Gary Hutchins' creation was inspired by Cheap Trick's Rick Nielsen using a five-neck guitar and in the spirit of Spinal Tap the luthier went one louder. He even described it as "the guitar that should never have been made." 

The Beast has been on stages around the world with Bill Bailey, Spinal Tap themselves and apparently, Prince Charles. We thought he was a King V man… 

But at Gary explains in the video at the top – it's not the only Beast out there. There's three more roaming the wild! 

Bidding on the original Beast will start at £1,500 on March 10 along with a host of other guitars you can view at Gardiner Houlgate.

For more on Gary's work, visit Hutchins Guitars.

Rob Laing
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