Xotic Effects unveils two new volume pedals

(Image credit: Xotic Effects)

The California-based Xotic Effects has unveiled a new line of volume pedals comprising the the low-impedance XVP-25K and high-impedance XVP-250K.

Both pedals come in a die-cast aluminium enclosure that is around two-thirds of the size of your regular volume pedal, so they should take up a little less space on your pedalboard, with each offering something different depending on how you want to use it.

As the name suggests, the high-impedance XVP-250K has a 250K potentiometer and is for use with passive instruments. It comes in gold metallic finish.

The XVP-25K comes in Hammerton red finish, has a 25K potentiometer and is best partnered with active instruments or placed within your effects loop.

Both pedals are hand-wired point-to-point with cloth-covered wire and feature Xotic Effect's nylon pivot bushing and rack pinion construction for smooth and squeak-free volume swells and added durability. 

Both pedals have a tuner output jack and are true bypass.

They cost $148.75 (£125, €139 approx) street, and are available direct from the Xotic Effects webstore

Jonathan Horsley

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