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Will Neunaber’s Tri-Chorus Plus Inspire your guitar playing?

Neunaber, the California company famed for ultra-versatile effects such as the Immerse reverb, has announced its latest expansive stompbox, the Inspire Tri-Chorus Plus.

Based around variations of the tri-chorus algorithm, the Inspire packs a whopping eight effect types, all of which run in stereo:

  • Tri - the classic rack chorus effect
  • Hex - two tri-choruses paralleled for an ultra-dense effect
  • Cascade Tone - two tri-choruses in series create a rich, lush effect
  • Cascade Vibe - tri-chorus and tri-vibrato in series makes for a complex sound
  • Harmonic Vibe - Low-frequency tri-chorus and high-frequency tri-vibrato, a more subtle effect that works well with overdrive
  • Harmonic Detune - low-frequency detune and high-frequency tri-chorus, even more subtle and sounds great with heavy distortion
  • +Detune - tri-chorus+detune for that ultimate rack chorus tone
  • +Echo - tri-chorus+echo is a classic combo

Aside from mix, depth and rate knobs, the Inspire’s fourth control adjusts effect-dependent parameters, while analogue dry signal makes for minimal noise and latency.

The Inspire Tri-Chorus Plus is available now for $249 from Neunaber.

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