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Will Fret Zeppelin’s LED teaching system “transform how people learn guitar”?

When it comes to learning guitar, it appears LEDs will light the way for the next generation of players, at least according to Edge Tech Labs, with its Fret Zeppelin learning accessory.

Fret Zeppelin adheres to any standard guitar just above the frets and uses LED light technology to signal finger placement for any note, scale, chord or song.

It pairs wirelessly with an iOS/Android app, where budding guitarists can select basic chords and fingering; more advanced players can opt for custom songs, tunings and improvisation techniques.

Eagle-eyed fans of guitar tuition aids may note that the system looks very similar to FRETX, which we covered back in November, but Fret Zeppelin differs in that it covers more frets while packing a slim design and a whopping 4.6-million colour combinations.

Fret Zeppelin is available to preorder for $199 from Kickstarter.