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What your modular system needs is more cowbell and Erica Synths has just the thing

Erica Synths has announced a new module developed in collaboration with e-licktronic, makers of the Yocto drum machine.

The cowbell module builds on the Yocto version and adds more features suited for modular systems, including Tune and Decay controls, as well as Tune CV with an attenuator.

Alongside the Cowbell module comes the Black Multi, an active buffered mulitple that can deliver 2x 1to3 or 1to6 that works for signal splitting in any circuit, including driving several VCOs in tune from one CV source.

Cowbell is available now for €130 and you’ll find info on both modules on the Erica Synths website.

Cowbell features

  • Manually and CV controlled tune
  • Decay control
  • Manual trigger
  • Accent input
  • Module width - 6HP
  • Module depth - 35mm
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