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What do you get when you cross a Shruthi synth with a Volca? A Shrolca, of course

Joshua W Watson says that two other synths have inspired Shrolca, a new digital wavetable instrument that he’s currently pitching on Kickstarter. It’s based on the engine of Mutable Instruments’ Shruthi, but offers a similar form factor to a Korg Volca.

This is no mere copycat instrument, though. It features digital wavecycle oscillators and sequencers, a modulation matrix and a 24dB voltage-controlled filter. In keeping with the Volcas, you get a touch-activated MIDI keyboard, and the sequencer and arp can also transmit MIDI data.

The prototype model you’re looking at has a wooden case, but the production unit will feature a machined aluminium body that’s less than an inch deep.

Find out more on the Shrolca Kickstarter page. As things stand, a $250 pledge will get you a synth with an estimated delivery date of October.