We're loving the demo for Walrus Audio's new Julianna Chorus / Vibrato pedal

It's always great to hear new effects pedals showcased in a musical band context and Walrus Audio has delivered with the unveiling of its Julianna Deluxe Chorus/Vibrato with company President Colt Westbrook and co donning shades to show it in action, '80s-style.

And if you're looking for a more traditional demonstration of its sounds, they've got that too below. 

Like it's little sister Julia Chorus / Vibrato, the Julianna is all about lush soundscapes, but offers secondary LFO speed, modulation drift, tap/expression control, momentary features, and external tap tempo as new features that offer far wider possibilities that most chorus pedals. 

(Image credit: Walrus Audio)

Drift mode allows the pedal’s LFO rate (low-frequency oscillation) to gently speed up and down - like you're moving the Rate control up and down.  

The Secondary LFO speed allows you to change the LFO rate according to where the Rate control is set. In short, the variety of sounds here sounds like it could be even greater than the formidable Julia. 

(Image credit: Walrus Audio)

The Julianna is available now from authorised retailers and Walrusaudio.com for $249 /  £225 / 265.

(Image credit: Walrus Audio)
Rob Laing
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