Watch Tool's Danny Carey and Justin Chancellor perform at Berklee College of Music

Given that Tool are one of the most respected bands in heavy music, opportunities to hear the band's songs stripped back and played in intimate settings are few and far between.

However, footage of the band's rhythm section - drummer Danny Carey and bassist Justin Chancellor - performing at the renowned Berklee College of Music has recently emerged.

The clinic took place in 2019 and was hosted by Berklee's Bass Department. As well as Justin Chancellor, the panel also featured Lee Sklar plus Berklee's own Dave Marvuglio. The footage was filmed by attendee Mark Donohue and was originally posted on the WalBassCollective Instagram page, before being shared to YouTube last week.

During the performance, Carey and Chancellor treat us to a playthrough of Ænima, from Tool's masterpiece 1996 album of the same name, giving some rare insight into the rhythmical backbone of the song without the guitars or vocals. 

Carey is sat behind what is probably the most stripped-back kit we're likely to see him play: a Pearl four-piece with a ride cymbal and. hi-hat, while Chancellor is armed with his Wal MK II, a simple pedal setup and plying through (presumably Berklee's) Aguilar rig.

Meanwhile, Justin Chancellor's prototype Ernie Ball MusicMan StringRay bass is currently up for auction in support of Brazil's Indigenous People Articulation (APIB). The auction closes on April 22, with the bids currently reaching over $6000.     

Stuart Williams

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