Watch Merel Bechtold tear up the fretboard in this exclusive Purest Of Pain playthrough

Netherlands-based metal gunslinger Merel Bechtold has had an enviably quick rise to fame: she started playing at 15 (inspired by In Flames), formed her first band six months later, and was snapped up to join Dutch symphonic metallers Delain at 21.

That first band was Purest Of Pain, who finally released their debut album, Solipsis, this month - we’re playing host to a playthrough of Vessels, where Bechtold demonstrates her typically razor-sharp approach to the instrument.

On the track, Bechtold plays a Magistra-6 from Dutch guitar co VanderMeij, which packs a Bare Knuckle Nailbomb in the bridge and a VHII in the neck, while amp tones come courtesy of Bechtold’s own Kemper profiles.

The coolest trick in the song is the modulation from the first to the second verse. It all happens in the first lead part

“In 2013, I wrote Vessels, so it's a pretty old song - like most of the songs to be honest, haha,” Bechtold says. “Writing the song and the solo came very naturally, and I think I wrote it in just one go, which is super-quick for me.

“The coolest trick in the song is the modulation from the first to the second verse. It all happens in the first lead part. Usually a modulation happens at the end of a song, but I think it's fun and interesting to play a bit with structures and tricks.

“And even though the whole album is mostly based around guitar and groove, I think Joey, our drummer, really put some interesting fills and parts in there. J.D. Kaye, our vocalist, did an excellent job with the lyrics, too.“

If you’re interesting in hearing more from Bechtold and co, Solipsis is out now.


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