Watch: Snarky Puppy's Mark Lettieri, Beyoncé's Ari O’Neal and Ayla Tesler-Mabe jam with Fender Ultra Strats

One of the highlights of the many performances that took place in the evenings during the Winter NAMM show in Anaheim was Fender's partnership with JammJam (opens in new tab) that saw a series of the world's top players jamming together in the round with Fender American Ultra Series (opens in new tab) instruments.

Snarky Puppy's Mark Lettieri at the NAMM JammJam

Snarky Puppy's Mark Lettieri at the NAMM JammJam (Image credit:

Musicians included Mateus Asato, Gina Gleason (Baroness (opens in new tab)), Wes Stephenson, Nicole Row, Nik West, Jason 'JT' Thomas, Ana Karina Sebastiao, Daniel Donato, Sean Wright, Quintin Ferb Gulledge, Nathaniel Murphy, Zane Carney, Daru Jones, Dylan Meek, Dmitry Gorodetsky, Kenny Wayne Shepherd (opens in new tab), Tyler Bryant and Chris Layton. 

More American Ultra

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Quite a list! And that's not counting these three; Mark Lettieri (opens in new tab) (Snarky Puppy (opens in new tab)), Ari O’Neal (Beyonce) and Ayla Tesler-Mabe jamming in the first footage from the event to be shared by Fender. 

We witnessed the energy in the room during these performances for ourselves and it was really something special.  Look out for more footage in the coming weeks. 

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