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Watch Hodor from Game Of Thrones play guitar with Megadeth

Hold the door! We knew Kristian Nairn - famed for his mostly one-word performances as Hodor in Game Of Thrones - was a DJ (DJ Hodor, naturally), but we had no idea he absolutely slays on guitar, too.

The evidence comes courtesy of a video uploaded by Megadeth lead man Kiko Loureiro, which shows Nairn donning Kiko’s signature Ibanez to tackle thrash staple Holy Wars... The Punishment Due with ’deth members Dave Mustaine, Dave Ellefson and Dirk Verbeuren.

After he finished filming the clip ahead of Megadeth’s performance at Hellfest, Kiko was clearly impressed, dubbing Nairn an “amazing guitarist!” High praise, indeed.

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