Vox debuts new Giulietta VGA-5TD guitar with sound modelling and gives the Phantom a £199 slight return

Vox Giulietta VGA-5T
(Image credit: Vox)

Vox has announced a VGA-5TD Giulietta archtop model integrates its AREOS-D sound modelling system, alongside the return of a Phantom-influenced body shape to its mini travel guitar range. 

A smaller-bodied take on the archtop with a full-scale neck aims to widen the appeal with the more compact dimensions, as well as reducing the feedback susceptibility. But the AREOS-D technology goes much further in widening the sonic horizons of the VGA-5TD beyond archtop electric guitar expectations.

Vox Giulietta VGA-5T

(Image credit: Vox)

The guitar features both magnetic and piezo pickups and selector switch for access to 18 modelled sounds – including synth sounds plus onboard reverb and overdrive. A Tune-O-Matic-style bridge is integrated with individual string piezo pickups while the Vox  XLM humbucker pickup aims for a more traditional electric guitar experience. 

"With a wide array of sounds at your fingertips, there’s no need to carry a banjo, sitar, resonator guitar or other instrument that may only be used once or twice in a gig," says Vox.

"The VGA-5TD also includes a detachable string mute that addresses a typical issue with archtop acoustic guitars, namely the piezo capturing the lingering vibration of strings between the bridge and the tailpiece," adds the company.

The VGA-5TD will retail for £899 and is available in Pearl Orange, Natural/Metallic and Faded Silver finishes. 

Vox Mark V Mini

(Image credit: Vox)

While Vox still hasn't given fans of the '60s Phantom model a full authentic reissue, there's a scaled-down one at least with the Phantom-influenced new Mark V Mini.

The 18.7" three-quarter-scale scale guitar has a regular-sized nut and can be played in standard tuning with heavier gauge strings. 

Vox Mini V

(Image credit: Vox)

The £199 Mark V features single-coil pickups with a three-way selector, 18:1 ratio tuners and is available in black and white finishes. 

More info at Vox

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