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Vick Audio reissues the No 13 Fuzz

Vick Audio has reissued its Lucky No. 13 Fuzz, the Arizona pedal company's take on the Coloursound fuzz boxes of the 1960s.

Out of production since 2014, the Lucky No. 13 is a thick, full, and organic fuzz that interacts nicely with your playing. And fittingly, given that most fuzz circuits these days seem to have been adjusted for gain inflation, it should run a little hotter than the vintage Coloursound units that inspired it.

(Image credit: Vick Audio)

At $119, presently reduced to $99, it could well offer decent value for someone looking for a no-nonsense musical fuzz. The format couldn't be any more simple and remains avowedly minimalist, with just single volume knob on top of the enclosure.

That sort of thing should appeal to the caveman guitarist in all of us, and is definitely one for players who prefer to dial back and control the fuzz via the guitar's volume control. After all, that's often where the sweet spots are.

The Lucky No. 13 comes in a choice of matte black, matte grey or textured black finishes. Under the hood, there's a PCB circuit. The side-mounted jacks are high-quality Neutrik efforts, and 9V DC will get it going.

See Vick Audio for more information