TXR1 is a drum machine with blending, layering and instant grooves

Programming beats and grooves is something that can easily get you into a rut. Using the same tools, techniques and workflow can make your sound sterile and samey, and that's the last thing you want for your music.

Reflekt Audio's TXR1 uses three components, or 'mods', to help in programming drum patterns and drum sounds. First, the Groover mod (below) helps you lay down predefined patterns or one-shots in its 16 pads, and gives basic mixing functions.

TXR1's One Shot Mod lets you play single drum samples and manipulate their properties, while the Blend Mod lets you combine multiple samples to trigger at the same time, and to blend their levels, pitch and attack/release times.

TXR1 is available from the Reflekt Audio website for the intro price of $20, later rising to $40. It runs in VST2, VST3 and AU formats for Mac and PC.