Tom Morello is the new Neural DSP Archetype signature plugin artist

Tom Morello
(Image credit: Joby Sessions / Future)

We're really surprised at this one; Tom Morello has teamed with Neural DSP to deliver his guitar tones in an Archetype guitar plugin package. The old school envelope-pusher is renowned for getting a lot out of a  relatively small pedalboard, amp and guitar palette, shying away from endorsements for years, but this move follows the release of signature gear in recent years to suggest a different attitude to brand collaborations.

Archetype: Tom Morello

(Image credit: Neural DSP)

Archetype: Tom Morello features a 'full-circuit model of Tom's legendary A-rig', including his cabinet and speakers with pitch shifting pedal 'Wham-1' and Dive Bomb pedals, wah, delay, eight-band-EQ, phaser, reverb and more.

As well as a plugin, Archetype: Tom Morello will include a standalone version, and has over 70 artist presets. 

Fellow Archetype artist Rabea Massaad has recorded his own demo of the new plugin pack – and it's undeniable how close it gets to Morello's tones.

Jack Gardiner has chosen to showcase the versatility of the tones with his own preset video. 

While YouTube demo king Kfir Ochaion has gone all-in with a recreation of Morello's Killing In The Name Of tone. 

The full list of Archetype: Tom Morello features is as follows:

• Full-circuit model of Tom's A-rig, including his cabinet and speakers

• Dive Bomb glides your signal from +/- 12 semitones to the target note

• Wham pitches your guitar from -24 to +24 semitones

• Wah pedal

• Delay, eight-band EQ, and Phaser

• Nine-band graphic EQ

• Cab sim + IR loader with 10 virtual microphones & room mics

• Stereo delay & reverb

Archetype: Tom Morello is available now for €119 and a free trial is available at 

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