Tom Bukovac demoing a vintage Gibson Les Paul and Strat in a guitar shop is the best sales pitch we've heard

Guitarist Tom Bukovac
(Image credit: Rubble Seat Music / YouTube)

When Tom Bukovac visits your guitar shop, you better get the camera rolling. Especially if you have some vintage electric guitars worth advertising. The Nashville session ace has the golden touch with a Gold Top – and a Strat too, as he demonstrates very clearly in these videos. 

He called into vintage specialist Rumble Seat Music in his home city to grab some six-string beauties off the wall and give them a play. In this case it's a '55 Gold Top Les Paul and '55 Strat. 

Tom has owned many vintage instruments in his life and used them throughout his prolific work with artists including Keith Urban, so if he takes a shine to a particular guitar you know it's special. These two definitely won his favour. 

What emerges isn't just the character of P-90 and Fender single-coils from the golden age, but their sense of breadth and versatility. Tom is the ideal player to showcase that as he takes us through the pickup positions. And we already know he's a big fan of the often-underrated middle position on a Strat. 

Find out more at Rumble City Music 

Rob Laing
Guitars Editor, MusicRadar

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