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This plugin makes your music sound like it was recorded on an 8-track cassette machine from the ‘90s

Before digital recording became the norm, many of us had to capture our music on a multitrack cassette recorder. While this brought with it a fair few limitations, Fuse Audio Labs is hoping that there’s still a demand for the sound of these old machines, as it’s just released a plugin that’s designed to recreate it.

TCS-68 is based on a channel from an 8-track machine that was released in 1990. It emulates the preamp, tape system and 3-band EQ from the original hardware. You can even throw in some hiss if you like that sort of thing.

Obviously, the TCS-68 isn’t going to give you a high-fidelity sound, but it could certainly add some character. It’s available for PC and Mac in VST/AU/AAX formats at the introductory price of $29 (the regular price is $59). Find out more on the Fuse Audio Labs website.