This linen and bio-resin composite acoustic “outperforms” traditional wood guitars


Last year, innovative acoustic company Blackbird Guitars surprised us with its industrial waste/flax linen composite-bodied El Capitan six-string, and the clever luthiers have now announced their second ecologically sound model, the downsized Savoy.

The O-sized guitar boasts a full-size voice and scale length, but fits in a 3/4-sized case, and like the company's previous model, is primarily formed from Ekoa, a linen and bio resin material benchmarked against Alpine spruce.

Blackbird is confident Ekoa outperforms traditional soundboards, with greater projection, dynamics and a vintage timbre, while being impervious to temperature and humidity changes.

As well as a hollow neck, head sound chamber and arch back, the 12-fret model is notable for its 'dual' cutaway with sculpted back, to provide better upper-fret access.

The Savoy is available now for $2,500, including case - see Blackbird Guitars for more info.

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