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This giant, fully playable acoustic guitar weighs a whopping 57kg

(Image credit: DW)

If you like big bouts and you cannot lie, boy, do we have the guitar for you; this enormous acoustic guitar weighs a whopping 57kg - and it’s fully playable to boot.

In (un-embeddable) footage captured by South Africa’s Channel 24, the incredible build is documented as the result of four months’ work by Cape Town resident Martin Stuckert.

The instrument is so large, it requires at least two guitarists just to play and carry it, while tuning it requires a wrench and a large supply of elbow grease.

Naturally, the formidable proportions result in far deeper tones than a regular six-string, and the instrument also produces some pretty gnarly bowed and percussive textures for the solo player.

Rather than play it as a conventional guitar, its creator samples and manipulates the sounds for unique textures. Good luck finding a hardcase for it, though.

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